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  • July 03 2009

    Simple information site in Sitecore - Part 2: Installing Sitecore

    This is the second part of the article series in 11 parts, describing how to build a simple information site in Sitecore.

    In this article we describe how to install Sitecore and how to setup a simple single user development environment.

    (For: Administrators, Developers)
    (Level: 100)
  • June 26 2009

    Threshold exceeds

    You may have noticed log entries in the Sitecore log, which informs about thresholds being exceeded? If you want to know why they come and how you can use the information to troubleshoot your solution, you should read this article.


    It describes how they work, why they come and how you can use the information to narrow down where your performance issues are located.

    (For: Administrators, Developers)
    (Level: 200)
  • June 03 2009

    Welcome to Learn Sitecore

    The site which brings you in-depth articles and knowledge about Sitecore no matter if you are a developer, editor, architect or server administrator.


    If you want to know more about the concepts or target groups of this site, please click the link below.



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