Links for administrators

Here is listed some links which will be relevant for you as an administrator:


It is a rather extensive guide. It includes minimum requirements for installation, how to install the different packages, how to setup security and folder permissions etc. If you are installing Sitecore for the first time, this will definitly help you out.


It includes the most common issues when installing Sitecore. It is really great for the most obviously problems and will probably help you out, if you are experiencing problems when installing Sitecore CMS.


 If your editors is complaining about the backend/content editor is performing poorly, you might solve the issue by setting Internet Explorer correctly.


If you are operating on a multiserver environment or are considering setting it up, these guides will definintly help you.


This guides gives you an architectual guide to the media implementation, how you can configure whether to upload files to the database or file system and other subjects related to how Sitecore handles media.


If none of these guides or articles on this site is able to help you out, try and asking on the SDN forum for installation.