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  • November 23 2009

    Simple information site in Sitecore – part 3: Architecture

    This is the third part of the article series in 11 parts, describing how to build a simple information site in Sitecore.

    In this article we suggest, how you can define your architecture in a Sitecore solution and walk through the architecture for the simple information site we are building. Hope you enjoy the tutorial.

    (For: Architects, Developers)
    (Level: 200)
  • October 13 2009

    Building multisite solutions in Sitecore

    It is possible to have multiple sites in the same solution in Sitecore, but there are a few pitfalls and issues which need to be taken into account, when developing the solution. This article will go through the steps and considerations to take, when designing and building solutions containing multiple sites. Starting out with a simple walk through and then talking about the pitfalls and drawbacks.

    (For: Architects, Developers)
    (Level: 200)