Links for architects

Here is listed some links, which is relevant for you, if you are an architect.


This document give you an overview over the different concepts and terms in Sitecore. So if you wonder what a Base template is, or if you stumble upon a term you haven't heard before. Take a look at the glossary.


This is a really good reference when you are defining templates. It is great when you are in progress of your work and needs to know something about a field type or the standard template.


This cookbook is basic introduction to how you create templates and defining things like standard values. Check it out if you are new to template creation. 


This reference is really great when you define our presentations. It gives you a referece to things like how the rendering engine work, to caching, to placeholder usages. Use it when you define your layouts.


The cookbook gives you a basic introduction to the presentation components in Sitecore, so if you are new to this part or need to get your key concepts in place, use this document.


A great blog where architectual decisions often are on topic. The blog is written by Jens Mikkelsen and Sitecore MVP Thomas Eldblom