Write an article

Do you want to write an article? Do you have some knowledge you want to share? Or do you simply want your name on this site? Then please send us an article.



What to write about?

First of all your article needs to revolve around Sitecore or a technology used by it. Further it needs to be more extensive and in-depth then a typical blog post. It must be thorough and easy to understand. It doesn’t need to be on an extreme high technical level or a new and revolutionary for Sitecore development. We need an equal amount of level 100 articles as level 400. So your article could be about a specific area of the Sitecore API or an introduction to the content editor.


Other than that we are open to most articles.



How to format your article

Preferably you should send us the article in .doc or .docx format. If the article includes any images or graphics these should both be included in the word document and in separate jpg files.

Please send as a complete article or if you want to know if we’re interested in the topic on beforehand a short abstract text describing the topic.

In your article you should include the following information:


  • Target group: What target group is your article minded on? Developers, Administrators, Editors or Architects.
  • Level: What technical level does the article have? 100 - 400. You can read more about the levels here.
  • A title.
  • Abstract text: This text is used as a resume in the top of the article, and briefly needs to describe what the article is about
  • Short teaser: This text is used to promote the article in the different lists and on the frontpage. I shouldn’t be too long, as it needs to fit in small box other places on the site.
  • If it is the first time you write an article, we are going to need your name and a short description about you and what you do. You can see other descriptions here. Preferably we would like a picture of you, to be published in the contributors section.



How to contribute

You can send the complete article to learnsitecore@gmail.com 


Requirements and conditions for contributing


  • The article must be original material not published before.
  • You allow all readers are allowed to use any knowledge and examples in their work.
  • You allow us to publish the article on other sites and offline media.
  • The article may be edited before it is published.
  • Any content including media must not be under any form of copyright.