• October 21 2009

    Request an article

    You can now request articles on Learn Sitecore and we will do our best to document the areas you need. So if you think there is a need for some Sitecore documentation, please enter your requests.





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  • October 21 2009

    Yet another contributor

    Yet another contributor has joined the article authors on Learn Sitecore. Joel Watson created a great video of his XAML application on his blog, and he has now written an article about it.





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  • September 23 2009

    New article contributor

    All articles on Learn Sitecore are based on contributors from the Sitecore community. Today Lennert Sloth from the company Mjølner Informatics joined the contributors, writing an article about single source publishing.





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  • September 10 2009

    IndexViewer 1.1 released

    The Sitecore IndexViewer is a Sitecore application which lets you browse and search the Lucene indexes in Sitecore. It has now been released for Sitecore 6.1.




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  • August 12 2009

    A month has passed

    A little over a month has passed since we launched and we have had really good feedback and written four articles. During the next couple of month we will of cause publish some more articles and launch some new functionality.

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  • July 01 2009

    Sitecore OMS released

    Today Sitecore released the Sitecore Online Marketing Suite also called Sitecore OMS.


    Sitecore claims it to be a revolutionary improvement to CMS'.


    LearnSitecore will be taking a closer look at the module the upcomming weeks.

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  • June 30 2009

    Sitecore 6.1 released

    Today Sitecore 6.1 was released today. It is probably not noticed as the release of Sitecore OMS will take the most of the attention.


    However the new version includes a lot of important fixes and improvements.

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