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  • September 22 2009

    Helping the editors

    This article will show you how to help the editors figuring out how to use the items and fields correctly, and thereby saving them a lot of time figuring out what the developer was thinking when she was coding the website.

    (For: Developers)
    (Level: 100)
  • September 11 2009

    Sitecore OMS data querying – Most viewed pages

    This article will describe how you query for data in Sitecore OMS analytics database, pulling out statistics about the visits on your site. In particular this article will show you, how you can use the analytics data to create a presentation of the most viewed pages on your site.

    (For: Developers)
    (Level: 200)
  • September 10 2009

    IndexViewer 1.1 released

    The Sitecore IndexViewer is a Sitecore application which lets you browse and search the Lucene indexes in Sitecore. It has now been released for Sitecore 6.1.




    (For: News)
    (Level: 100)
  • August 12 2009

    A month has passed

    A little over a month has passed since we launched and we have had really good feedback and written four articles. During the next couple of month we will of cause publish some more articles and launch some new functionality.

    (For: News)
  • July 29 2009

    Publishing and versioning

    In this article, I will explain the key concepts related to publishing content in Sitecore.


    We will take a look at the different ways to publish content, how to check your new content before publishing and see how its possible to save old versions of your content.

    (For: Editors)
    (Level: 100)
  • July 22 2009

    Sitecore caching – an overview

    Sitecore caching isn’t documented very well and it is quite intransparent how it works; still it is extremely important for the performance of your site. Therefore this article will try and explain the different caches in Sitecore, how they work and when they are cleared.


    Hopefully it will help you ensure performance on your site.

    (For: Developers, Architects)
    (Level: 300)
  • July 14 2009

    Sitecore OMS – Key concepts part 2

    Read this second and last part of the article series about the key concepts in Sitecore OMS.


    In this part we walk through the concepts of events, failures, the rule engine, filters and personalization.






    (For: Developers, Editors)
    (Level: 200)
  • July 10 2009

    Sitecore OMS – Key concepts part 1

    Read this first article of two about the key concepts in Sitecore OMS.


    In this part we walk through the concepts of profiles, reports, goals and campaigns.





    (For: Editors, Developers)
    (Level: 200)
  • July 03 2009

    Simple information site in Sitecore – Part 1: The requirements

    If you want to learn everything involved in building a simple information site in Sitecore follow this article series in 11 parts.


    In this part we go through the basic requirements for the site.

    (For: Developers, Editors)
    (Level: 100)
  • July 03 2009

    Simple information site in Sitecore - Part 2: Installing Sitecore

    This is the second part of the article series in 11 parts, describing how to build a simple information site in Sitecore.

    In this article we describe how to install Sitecore and how to setup a simple single user development environment.

    (For: Administrators, Developers)
    (Level: 100)
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