Sitecore OMS released


Today Sitecore released Sitecore Online Marketing Suite also called Sitecore OMS. Sitecore claim it to be revolutionary to way we think of content management systems. It will be interesting to follow the impact of the functionality.

Written by: Jens Mikkelsen
Wed, Jul 1 2009

OMS is a very interesting feature, which consolidate analytics and content management. The really big improvement is having statistics and content in the same system, allowing developers and editors to use this data in their content authoring. It makes it possible to differentiate content and presentations depending on the profile identified by the statistics.


LearnSitecore will follow the improvement and there will be new articles on the subject in the upcomming weeks. Hope you are looking as much forward to it as I am.






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    Jens Mikkelsen

    Jens Mikkelsen is a partner at Inmento Solutions a Sitecore consulting firm. He works as a Sitecore specialist and consulting helping clients architect and build quality Sitecore solutions using the newest modules and tools. 

    Further he has been deeply envolved in various complex solutions and has built up a strong knowledge of Sitecore architecture and best practices. He has especially focused on and is specialized in debugging and analyzing Sitecore solutions.


    Jens is very interested in the technical mechanisms in the new marketing products such as Sitecore DMS and Sitecore ECM.

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