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We are finally ready with a project we have been working on for a while now – a complete learning site for Sitecore CMS. We hope this article will give you an idea, what this site is all about.

Written by: Jens Mikkelsen
Wed, Jun 3 2009

What is Learn Sitecore?

We have been working with Sitecore for quite a while now and have obtained a substantial amount of knowledge about the best way to implement Sitecore solutions. This site will try and consolidate practical knowledge from everyone with hands-on experience with Sitecore and thereby obtain a documentation base, which can be used in everyday scenarios and as an entry point for new developers, administrators, editors and other users of Sitecore. Documentation like this would be hard for Sitecore to generate as they do not provide end-customer solutions themselves and because this kind of documentation are not suitable for a reference and official documentation website.


Our mission is not to compete with SDN, as it is quite resourceful for snippets and references. Our mission is neither to compete with the blogs, as these are quite resourceful when you want biased opinions on Sitecore or new and interesting tweaks.

So in short LearnSitecore is the place to go if you want to learn Sitecore or read in depth articles on different technologies which Sitecore uses. It can be considered a much like .net learning sites like http://asp.net.


The target groups

LearnSitecore tries to accommodate documentation needs for four different target groups.


The developer: This is one of the most active groups. We will try and write articles on how to use different technologies and the Sitecore API.


The architect: By architect we mean the person who design and structure the software solutions. There is currently no documentation on how to build enterprise Sitecore solutions and architects can only rely on their experiences. We hope to pass on some of our knowledge and make Sitecore solutions across the world better.


The administrator: By administrator we mean the server administrator maintaining and hosting Sitecore solutions. There is only limited documentation on how to monitor and debug server setups and we hope to help those of you, who are assigned to the task of keeping a Sitecore installation up and running.


The editor: There isn’t much documentation on how to use Sitecore in general as an editor. This is often because editor gets site specific training. However we think there is a need for general Sitecore documentation for the editors and hope to provide this.


The site content is structured more or less in a hierarchy revolving around these target groups. However some article will overlap different target groups.


The levels

Each article will be rated with a level of difficulty.. Much like Microsoft we differentiate between the following levels:


Level 100: An article for everyone. There should be no trouble in understanding any of the technical or conceptual parts of the article.


Level 200: You should have a base knowledge of Sitecore and we assume that you know key concepts and have worked with Sitecore.


Level 300: This level indicates a technical article, which presumes you have a deeper knowledge and have been working with Sitecore for some while.


Level 400: A highly technical article the goes in depth with a certain area or technology used by Sitecore, which requires a very high level of knowledge on the subject.



The levels are minded on the given target group for the article, so if you find the level too high or low, you may be reading an article for a different target group.



So who writes all these articles? Well of cause we are going to write a lot of them, but what we’re really hoping for, is to get a lot of contributors, who feel they want to share their knowledge by writing articles to be published on learnsitecore.com. In that way it will be a community driven knowledge site, which hopefully will give the site enough material to be the number one Sitecore learning site to go to.


So what’s in it for the contributors? Well nothing really… Except the fame, which comes with writing a lot of articles!

We are hoping to get as many contributors as possible covering all the different target groups. To ensure the quality of the articles, we will of cause be reviewing them all.


If you don’t feel like writing articles please contribute in other ways like rating, commenting and asking questions if you have any. This will not just help us writing better articles, but will keep the site active. We will focus on answering all questions and comments you write.


So enjoy…

We hope you’ll find the site helpful and active. If you have any ideas or want to contribute please drop us a mail.


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  • About the author:

    Jens Mikkelsen

    Jens Mikkelsen is a partner at Inmento Solutions a Sitecore consulting firm. He works as a Sitecore specialist and consulting helping clients architect and build quality Sitecore solutions using the newest modules and tools. 

    Further he has been deeply envolved in various complex solutions and has built up a strong knowledge of Sitecore architecture and best practices. He has especially focused on and is specialized in debugging and analyzing Sitecore solutions.


    Jens is very interested in the technical mechanisms in the new marketing products such as Sitecore DMS and Sitecore ECM.

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I work on a company web site that will be converted to SiteCore and need consultant help. Please reply if interested. Thanks, Baruch.
Posted: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 9:25 PM
Dear Sir or Madam,

I have a question relative to the tutorial “Building A Very Simple Web Site”. I should like to Assign Layout Details to the Home Page template standard values (page 29). I don’t have In the Device Editor dialog, in the drop-down list, select Browser Layout.

What to do please?

Thank you very much.

Yassine kammoun
Posted: Tuesday, November 16, 2010 11:17 AM
how to integrate E-commerce module in SItecore?
i mean what will be the steps?
Posted: Wednesday, February 06, 2013 7:47 AM

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